Internet for ISPs

Internet for ISPs is a wholesale service providing full IP transit to both Polish and foreign networks. It lets local operators provide a high quality Internet access service for their customers. Every deployment is individually designed to match the customer’s needs, specifically the size of their network, typical traffic patterns and other Internet connections in use. We grow our network with  proper amount of redundancy and capacity reserve. This makes the Internet service comfortable to use for all the end users, both in the middle of the night, and in the rush hours.



  • Scalability – extra bandwidth can be added at any time in the duration of your contract
  • High quality – delivered using our own fiber optic network
  • No transfer limits or traffic filtering
  • Flexible billing – commit and/or burst schemes possible
  • Flexible routing – both dynamic BGP and static routing supported
  • 24/7/365 network operations center – engineer on duty available at any time
  • Competitive prices – bulk purchases at IP transit providers make our pricing follow market trends


Sileman is a member of RIPE NCC. We can assign IP addresses from our own PA pool or file a request for PI addresses and/or autonomous system number. We assist in preparing the request and in communication with RIPE NCC.