Fixed telephony

Despite widespread adoption of  cellular telephony, every business still needs more reliable and cheaper fixed lines. SILEMAN delivers fixed telephony with modern Voice over IP technology. Performing best in conjunction with our dedicated Internet connections, the VoIP service provides outstanding voice quality and is exceptionally reliable.



  • Savings: competitive rates and cost-effective call plans, minute bundles, cheap calls between subscriber’s offices
  • Variety of value-added services: call recording, Fax2Mail and Web2fax, IVR, online billing, Centrex and more
  • Scalability: easily add new phones, telephone numbers and call capacity
  • Individually designed solutions and professional tech support
  • Keep your present phone numbers –  let us handle all the number portability paperwork


Do you have specific needs? Contact us! We  constantly expand our portfolio of voice services to match a variety of needs of our customers.