Śląska Grupa Multimedialna

About the consortium

„Śląska Grupa Multimedialna” („Silesian Multimedia Group”) is a steadily growing consortium consisting of three separate companies:

Elsat sp. z o.o. – a well-known local cable TV operator with over twenty years of presence on the market. Provides television services to residential customers in five cities of the Katowice urban area: Bytom, Ruda Slaska, Mikolow, Swietochlowice and Radzionkow. Owns a vast fiber optic network covering these cities.

Sileman sp. z o.o. – one of most rapidly growing local telecommunications operator. Focusing on providing Internet access and voice services. Chosen by more than 10 000 residential subscribers, as well as numerous governmental institutions and businesses located in 15 cities of Katowice urban area.

Sfera TV sp. z o.o. – a local TV station, actively participating in the daily life of Ruda Slaska, Bytom and Radzionkow. With its professionally equipped TV studio, it also shots advertising/election campaigns, as well as provides live coverage for sports events. Following global trends, more and more of its productions are available only in the Internet.

Our goal is to provide high quality multimedia and telecommunications services in the area of Upper Silesia, southern Poland. A strong local spirit is what distinguishes us from our competitors: all the companies are 100% controlled by private Polish investors; our operations center is located in Ruda Slaska, in the heart of Upper Silesia. We do our best to provide a local alternative to giant corporations for both our customers and our employees. Offering demanding, world-class services, we also benefit the local community by providing valuable jobs for engineers and office workers, so that they could develop their skills and earn well  where their homes and families are.


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Elsat sp. z o.o.

  • 41-710 Ruda Śląska,
    ul. Dąbrowskiego 35
  • 0000160462
  • 641-18-97-130
  • 2732-64606
  • 552 000 PLN
  • sekretariat@elsat.pl


Sileman sp. z o.o.

  • 41-710 Ruda Śląska,
    ul. Dąbrowskiego 35
  • 0000207875
  • 641-23-15-845
  • 2782-44726
  • 190 000 PLN
  • sekretariat@sileman.pl


Sfera TV sp. z o.o.

  • 41-709 Ruda Śląska,
    ul. Niedurnego 69
  • 0000236598
  • 641-23-48-454
  • 2401-00230
  • 110 000 PLN
  • redakcja@sferatv.pl